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UV-LED Flyer Catcher

UV-LED Flyer Catcher

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  • Inhalation Technology: Our indoor mosquito trap uses an inhalation technology to keep your home and workplace free of mosquitos and other irritating bugs. The mosquitos are attracted by the LED lamp light and are sucked by the fan in the storage section as soon as they reached near the light.
  • Safe and non-toxic: this indoor mosquito repellent uses simple physical non-toxic technology and is safe to be used around children. The electric insect trap contains dangerous chemicals or buzzing mechanism is used. Mosquitos are dried to death in the storage section.
  • Convenient USB interface: the USB mosquito Killer trap is powered by the USB power source. Therefore, it is highly convenient and portable and can be connected to any power source like an adapter, power bank, Laptop, etc.
  • Ideal for every indoor setting: the portable insect Killer is perfect for indoor use in your bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, office, and even in hospitals. Not to be used outdoors.
  • Easy cleaning: The mosquito lamp has a removable tray at the bottom to collect dead bodies. Unplug the mosquito Killer, remove the tray for cleaning and dispose of the dead bugs.


Specification: Size:  160 X 116 X 225mm (Style A)  96mm x 160mm (Style B)

Weight: 405g (Style A) / 350g (Style B)

Power: 5Watt 

Voltage: 5V

Charging Port: USB

Material: ABS + PP 


Package Content: 

1 x UV-LED Flyer Catcher

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