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TW90 Earphones

TW90 Earphones

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Product Model: Tw90 Bluetooth Headset

Large Capacity 2000 MA Battery + Charging Treasure Function + Intelligent Touch + Take out Automatic Start-up + Automatic Matching

Bluetooth Solution: Bluetooth 5.0, Jerry 6936d4, HD Dual Handle Call, Master-Slave Switch

Speaker: High Quality Copper Ring Speaker
Chip: Real Stereo Chip

Charging Bin Standby Time: 60 + Days

Headset Use Time: 3-5 Hours, Fixed Charger Can Charge the Headset 10 Times +.

Headset Charging Time: 40~50 Minutes

Headset Battery Capacity: Pure Cobalt 35 MA
Battery Capacity of Charging Box: Pure Cobalt 2000 MA (with IC Fender)
Transmission Distance: Barrier-Free Distance 15-18 M
Complete Weight: 100G

Product Accessories: Ear Cap 3 Sets + Data Cable
Color Box Size: 10.4*9.8 * 3.7cm

Packing Information: 51.5*44.2*21.5cm,100 Set, 11 Kg/box

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