Travel Pillow of Bends Palm

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  • SOFT MATERIAL: Made of Super soft plush,Easy to clean, easy to carry out.The latest design, curved palm pillow?Support your head in any position,The hands can keep your head secure while you sleep. Super soft and short plush material, soft and comfortable, with an aluminum keel inside, can be changed at will, and the interior is filled with high-grade pearl cotton
  • Multi-purpose: It can be used as a seat cushion, bolster, back cushion, neck guard, waist cushion and so on.It is suitable for long-served office workers, cars, planes, sleeping, watching TV, lying down, squatting, leaning, lying one your side and easy to carry. Ideal for travel, cars, trains, airplanes, and boat trips can be used, home, office lunch breaks, parks, etc. are applicable
  • PERFECT PILLOW: The Pillow is a highly flexible merchandise with multiple purposes. Even if quickly twisted, bent and locked in place, it is perfectly matched to fit you.It can be changed into many different shapes to meet environmental requirements anytime, anywhere. DIY style: There is an aluminum keel inside. The keel can change the angle and shape at 360 degrees. It is funny, fun and practical
  • HOW IT WORKS: This travel pillow made of solid which allows it to bend and support your head simply bend one end around the back of your seat or around yourself, then bend the other end into a secure position for your head. It can be bent and folded, easy to carry, resistance soiling, and easy to clean
  • BEST GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS: This Travel Pillow of bends bring you the comfort and relief.The best gift for yourself and your love.and it can also be a toys for your child. Length: about 139cm/54.72in, can be used for different occasions DIY sleep shape