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Sports Turntable Twisting Foot pedal

Sports Turntable Twisting Foot pedal

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Fitness & Flexibility Training: Making exercise easy, fun and exciting while improving balance, body control, strength, coordination, abs and core. twist action, Tone both your core and lower body while performing fun and effective twisting actions to work deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on bones and joints.
Unique Design: Has two balance boards that is design for both feet, integrating workouts while maintaining stability. Product has two side protectors for maintaining balance, nonslip surfaces and holds up to 300 lbs.
Adjust the distance at will: According to your own situation and needs, Adjust the distance between your feet as you like, Reach different intensities, Stick to 5-45 minutes a day to burn fat and burn calories easily
Onvenient & Portable, Quiet: Noise Free, can be used from the comfort of your home or on the go. Places includes at home, work, friends house, outdoors, at your desk, gym and more.
Wide Rangesof Exercise: Suitable for various workouts that incorporates both hands and feet such as balance training, yoga, push-ups, planks, dance and workouts targeting specific muscles.


Size: 29.5*21 cm
Material: Plastic
Weight: 730g
Color: Pink | Green | Orange | Purple

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1* Sports Turntable Twisting Foot pedal

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