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Slow Rebound Memory Foam Cotton Woven Ripple Pillow

Slow Rebound Memory Foam Cotton Woven Ripple Pillow

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To ensure you have a good night's sleep again and wake up feeling refreshed with the Power Of Nature memory foam pillow, our ergonomic pillow gives a great position for your neck and your spine, ensuring that your muscles relax more. The high side of bed pillows can support your neck so that your cervical vertebra on the right position. The low side is better for them to make the spine on a straight light especially good for back pain sleeper. Thanks to its curved wave-like shape, say goodbye to stiff necks and headaches from an uncomfortable sleeping position. Our contour memory foam pillow's viscose cover with the zipper design prevents sneaking out through nights with enhanced protection.

  • [Ergonomic Design] This contour-memory foam pillow is carefully designed to fit the special shape of the human body, perfectly fitting the curves of the head and neck, providing natural spine support for your body and relaxing your muscles. You'll fall asleep faster and deeper.

  • [Premium memory foam] Our contoured pillows are made of quality memory foam to support and shape the contours of your head, neck and shoulders to ensure better sleep. Equipped with hypoallergenic pillowcase, soft and smooth, high air permeability. Completely detachable, machine washable, easy to clean and care for.

  • [Comfort and safety] Safe to use, healthy for all and does not attract dust and bugs. Pillows are not toxic. If you experience a "fresh foam" smell, it is harmless. After opening the package and ventilating it, the smell should dissipate within a few days.

  • [Breathable Outer and Inner Cover] The outer cover has tiny pores which make it breathable and good for air circulation, giving you a cool and healthy sleeping environment. The dust-proof inner cover extends the life of the memory foam core more effectively. You get a long-lasting sleeping comfort due to the two covers



  • Material: 30% Tencel / 70% Polyester

  • Sleep Position: Side; Back

  • Machine Washable: Yes

Package Includes:

  • 1* pillow
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