Mushroom Night Light

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  • It is ideal for mounting on the wall. Its different film shapes project light onto the walls and ceiling. The light creates a relaxed atmosphere and is a great night light for kids who are scared of the dark especially at bedtime. It works by sparking your kids into imagination, thereby making them fell relaxed.
  • You can either use the night light as a projector by removing the cover or use it as a night light with its cover on. It is powered by USB connection.
  • The star night light for kids comes with five optional films. These films include: outer space, unicorn, kitty, dinosaur and sea world. Thus, it projects light in five optional styles onto the wall or ceiling.
  • The star night light comes with 6 different lighting effects namely blue, yellow, white, sequential, slow fade and combination. You can set up the desired color mode and lighting effect by pressing button “M”.