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Kitchen Sink Filter

Kitchen Sink Filter

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Function: Sink plug cover can stop food waste and debris getting through and allow water to drain quickly from your sink, prevent food and hair causing blockages in your bathroom and kitchen.
Easily discard food debris: When it’s time to empty the Strainer, simply lift it up by the center post, invert the silicone basket over your trash or compost and replace it in the sink.
Easy cleaning: It is easy to wipe clean and won't stain or absorb smells. You can wash drain stopper easily by warm water or soap, bring convenience for your life. Heat resistant and dishwasher safe.
Fits a variety of sinks: With a small 7 cm inner diameter extending to 11 cm on the exterior, this silicone sink strainer will fit most standard kitchen sinks.


inner diameter:7cm
Material: silicone +wheat straw
Color: Pink | Green | Blue | Beige

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1 or 4 *Kitchen Sink Filter
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