Kids Portable Basketball Hoop Stand Set Household Shooting Machine

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Easy set up for mobile:this basketball hoop can be installed at any height,it is suitable for both kids and adults to play.

Also, the catch net stops the ball from rolling away which makes it easier for the user to retrieve the ball.

Suitable for 3+, this basketball shootout will develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level and will get your basketball skills up to scratch in no time.

This basketball shootout combines the fun of traditional basketball and challenging hoops.

This sport device will help to develop children's hand-eye coordination and exercise ability, form a good exercise habit, also can improve their communication skills with others.


Model Number : ZG270-7
Package size:46 * 31 * 12cm

Product included:

1 x Basketball board 40x30 cm
12 x Pipes Length 30 cm
13 x Pipes Length 40cm
8 x Connecting Pipe part
12 x Connecting Pipe part
2 x Basketball 12 cm
1 xBasketball net
1 x Net
1 x inflator


For ages3 +

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