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Cycling Bicycle Head Tube Handlebar Cellphone Mobile Bag Holder

Cycling Bicycle Head Tube Handlebar Cellphone Mobile Bag Holder

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Shading board design to prevent reflection of light.
Waterproof zipper to prevent water from soaking through zipper.
Enjoy music while you ride.

The most professional and most suitable for your bicycle tube bag: hard shell process, which can protect the objects in the bag from being squeezed to the greatest extent, and have a long service life
Super waterproof: The waterproof fabric design prevents rainwater from penetrating into it. Secondly, the rubber zipper is used at the zipper, so that the car bag has better sealing, and there is no need to worry about water in the rain.
TPU touch screen design: support mobile phone balance, touch screen is more sensitive
More space, can meet the needs of daily travel, provide better convenience for your travel
Humanized design: the car bag adopts a non-bumpback ratio design, and there will be no embarrassment of bumping the car bag during riding. In addition, our car bag also provides you with a headphone jack design, allowing music to accompany you, let you The trip is more enjoyable. In the end, our car bag is equipped with a sun visor design, which can let you see the phone screen more clearly in sunny weather, without reflective effect

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