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Color changing tea pet-Fruit

Color changing tea pet-Fruit

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This is a color-changing tea pet that will change color when exposed to hot water. The higher the water temperature, the longer the color change lasts, and the lower the temperature, it will slowly return to the original color.
Tea pets are exclusive pets for those who like to drink tea. They are perfect gifts for fathers, friends, colleagues and tea fans.
As a kung fu tea tray or a beautiful ornament on a decorative table. Perfect decoration for home, office, dormitory, etc.
The artificial fruit tea pet is made of high-quality materials, durable and exquisite.



Apple: 4*4.5cm
Strawberry: 4*4.5cm
Lychee: 4*5cm
Peach 5*4.5cm
Pomegranate: 4*5.5cm
Bayberry: 4*5.5cm
Durian: 4*5cm
Fruit tray:17*17cm

Material: Resin
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