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BBQ Grill Steam Brush

BBQ Grill Steam Brush

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The griller's clean and sterilize your grill easily with a BBQ Steam Brush to prepare healthier and tastier food
Natural cleaning is done easily with steam, without chemicals, effortlessly removing baked-on food and gunk
Easy to Grip handle designed to protect hands from the heat - hangs on a convenient hanging hook
Easy-care Dishwasher Safe durable stainless steel brush heads built to last, Won't Damage your porcelain, cast iron and steel grill grates

How to USE
The steams cleaner utilizes only water to help deep clean built-up sauce, seasoning, char, and food bits from your BBQ grill. Simply preheat your grill, fill the built-in water on the steamer with water, and dial the steamer button to “on” to start brushing away. To increase steam, loosen the fill cap. For hard-to-get stains, use the included scraper attachment. When done cleaning, empty out any remaining water by dialling the steamer to the “on” position before closing to the “off” position.
Please Note: This brush should use with a heating grill to produce a stream. This is not powered by electricity.


Material: ABS + stainless steel
Size: 36.5 * 9* 10cm

Package Included:

1x grill brush


Delivery only for mainlands area only, cannot deliver to remote Islands or Highlands

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