3W Collapsible LED Rechargeable Solar Camping Lantern Lamp

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3-modes include both low and high brightness as well as SOS flashing.

Solar panel or USB rechargeable:LED camping lantern that can be charged indoor via the micro USB port or outside via the

power of the sunlight.

Compact and portable: this foldable and ultralight unit fits easily in your pocket or in your travel backpack - small enough to leave

hanging inside the tent for some late night reading.

Emergency power bank:When needed, this lantern/flashlight unit can actually be used to charge mobile devices such as your

cell phone making it one of the best survival accessories to own. Include this in all preparedness and disaster kits for events

like outages, blackouts, storms, and hurricanes!

Versatile and multifunctional:use as camping lantern, nightlight, flashlight, bed side lamp, backpacking light,or work light.