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24 Hour Mechanical Segment Timer

24 Hour Mechanical Segment Timer

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Brief Introduction of product functions: 1. The minimum setting time is 15 minutes and the maximum setting time is 24 hours. 2. Manual switch button, you can switch to on or set state at any time. 3. Easy to use, rotate the clock to set the current time, set the on/off time up or down, switch the Settings TAB, each TAB for 15 minutes, the timer is plugged into the power socket and the device is plugged into the timer, then set the timer mode, complete instructions are provided in the package.

To save time and power, you can set your own schedule when activating or deactivating the device.This timer switch provides safety and security for controlling household appliances that need to be turned on and off at regular intervals.Such as: water dispenser, water heater, air conditioner, advertising lighting, etc.

Keep your home safe - there's no need to program every day or worry about forgetting to turn off your appliances.This timer will automatically turn on/off the lights even if you're not at home, as if someone is, to prevent thieves.

Used to control the length of pass time.Suitable for lighting, heaters, air conditioners, fans, Christmas lights, greenhouse growth lights, humidifiers, sprayers, flow pumps in the aquarium, electric bicycle batteries, mobile phone batteries, battery charging, frequent switching off electric occasions.For example, intermittent sprinkler irrigation in flower beds and lawns, periodic aeration filtration in fish tanks, fountains, etc.


Material: PC Fire Retardant
Size: 12x7x2.5cm
Weight: 160g
Rated Voltage: 240V-50HZ
Rated Power: 3000W
Rated Current:13A
Rated Frequency: 50hz
Standby Power: < 1W

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1 x 24 Hour Mechanical Segment Timer

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