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2 in 1 Pet Shower Sprayer Cleaning Brush

2 in 1 Pet Shower Sprayer Cleaning Brush

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-The watch-style band is designed to hold the tool securely in place and fit most owners’ hands to fit around your hand during use.It's designed to hold the pet bathing tool in hand firmly.

-The dog washing shower attachment allow you to choose the suitable water flow and control the bath time for reducing pet anxiety. You don’t need to leave your dog to turn the water on and off.

- Extra long 2.5 M. hose for easy carrying. Used to connect shower trays and outdoor garden hoses. Slim and flexible shower head made of soft silicone, combining both sprayer and bath scrubber. You can also provide a luxurious massage for your puppy while bathing.

-Pets shower sprayer is equipped with 2 faucet adapters, which can adapt to a variety of different interfaces, install and remove easily indoor or outdoor.

-You can not only groom, massage and also clean, bathe your dog, cat and horse conveniently and easily. A soft pampering silicone brush on the shower head to pamper your pet and reduce his stress.


Material: Silicone
Color: Blue
Length: 2.5 m

Package Included:

1 * Pet Bathing Tool

2 * Water-tap Connectors
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